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Tech conferences can be the absolute best way to get your start-up in front of consumers and potential investors. It can be tempting to spend to your heart’s content on promotional materials, parties and everything that the big companies use to create ‘brand awareness’. But make no mistake: it’s the quickest way to bankruptcy. Be smart when you go to conventions: use coupons to save money on hotels, airplanes and all other travel expenses. Stay lean and try to focus on what you want to get out of this event.

We’re going to give you some tried and true …

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Sometimes You Just Need a Bit of Advice From Someone Who’s Been There.

We can give you all the advice and resources you need, but being an entrepreneur is hard. There’s lots of competition at the bottom from people who want the same things as you: to be a successful entrepreneur.

But what about the people who have already succeeded? Spending time with people who have been there and come out on top is valuable for any profession. We’ve compiled some pretty good quotes from successful entrepreneurs that started out just like you: on the ground floor.

1. Richard Branson

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Kickstarter’s a Disruptive Technology. But is it Right for your Business?

The idea behind Kickstart is amazingly attractive: instead of finding and convincing a few wealthy investors of the validity of your amazing idea, you can instead simply create a page and have thousands of micro-donations from like-minded people help you with seed money to make your story a reality.

But in practice Kickstarter can be more trouble than it’s worth. While it may work for some companies, there are drawbacks. Here are the problems with Kickstarter:

1. You must deliver on your promises.

This isn’t really a problem: it’s …