be the next

A ‘Blueprint’ Presentation For Launching a Game-Changing Business.

Move over There’s a new challenger to your crown.

You’ve probably heard of the website by now. The new company, which only launched in the summer of 2015, has been labelled the “ killer“, as it launches backed with $100 million in venture capital funding and a $3 Billion valuation…before it even launched.

There isn’t an entrepreneur out there that wouldn’t want to be in the position is in currently. But how did the company become such a hot commodity?

How Did Get To Here?

Cambridge Elevator is proud to announce that we have reverse-engineered the journey of and have split it into three seminars that will teach young entrepreneurs everything they need to know about business, technology and working with the current economic conditions of your world.

Each seminar is taught by no less than two experts in these particular areas of business. They will give you insights into how to evaluate your business, from its earliest inception to interpreting the market.

Starting a Billion Dollar Business:

Have an idea for a business? Or are you in the earliest stages of starting your product/service? Our experts (our instructors are currently TBA) will tell you how you should look at your product or idea from a business perspective.

This is the most important stage, as the harsh questions you ask yourself now may decide whether you are the next or another “wantrepreneur”.

What does your product do? Does it do more than one thing? Do you have ideas for ancillary revenue? Who is your audience (here’s a tip: never say ‘everybody‘!).

We will teach you to look at the end of your journey: if your product is as successful as, what will the world look like with your product out there? What’s the day to day end user experience? Is it too much of a reach?

Getting The Team Together: Staying Lean and Building Buzz

be the next
So you have a product that you’re pretty sure will disrupt a major part of our world, and you’re ready to start developing it, testing it, and building a finished product.

But you don’t want to bloat your company with lots of employees, living expenses and other things that tend to scare off venture capital funding.

Can you distill your company’s product or service into an elevator pitch? Will you get investors excited when you describe what your product does? Is it something that existing companies can’t easily adapt to?

Gauging the Market

So you’ve excited investors, your product is working and ready for customers to use/buy. How do you live up to investor’s expectations?

Our experts will give you a brutally honest description of what the Silicon Valley tech climate is all about. Should you stay in pre-revenue to keep the investors excited? How will your market this service? Who will you partner with?

Who do you turn to when you need this service marketed to the masses (if that’s your audience)? How do you get around regulations created by existing companies to prevent competition?

We are excited about this new presentation. Dates and Instructors TBD.